Chirton Primary

Vulnerable Learners

At Chirton all of us are fully committed to ensuring every learner achieves what they can. Although this is a collective responsibility, achieved by school involving home and the child, we recognise that having staff outside those directly involved in class is important.  As a result we have created a Vulnerable Learners Team, made up of the following people;

Mrs S Baggaley – SENCO

Mrs A Bekker Wrench - Headteacher & Safeguarding Lead

Mrs J Moore - SEND & Safeguarding Governor

Mr S Wootton – Pupil Premium Governor

Vulnerable learners at Chirton School could be any child, either for a one-off point, a particular period or their entire time at school. Pupils in the following categories will always be considered potentially vulnerable;

  • Looked-after children (LAC)
  • Pupils on the SEND register
  • Pupil Premium children – those ‘Ever 6’ in receipt of Free School Meals
  • Children who have emotional / behavioural difficulties, including historical trauma or mental health issues
  • Pupils At Risk Of Underachieving (in core subjects) – identified at Pupil Progress meetings
  • Pupils who have attendance issues – below 85% (unless identified issues/circumstances)

The team meet three times a year, working together to provide the additional support which vulnerable learners may require in order to achieve results that are in line with other children and young people.