Chirton Primary

School Council

The School Council has representatives from each class, from Yr.1 to Year 6. Every two weeks, we meet with Mrs.Camacho, and sometimes a School Governor, to discuss ideas and issues related to the school.

We really believe that our views matter and we enjoy seeing our ideas being acted upon. We wear our School Council badges with pride and take our roles very seriously. At the start of the year, our peers voted us onto the School Council.

Since then, we each signed a contract pledging to:

  • be a good role model to our peers
  • be a polite listener
  • be the pupil voice for our class
  • seek the opinions of our peers
  • complete gap tasks set
  • respect others’ opinions
  • contribute sensibly and maturely to meetings
  • give up our time to complete activities related to School Council

Our meetings are formal and minutes are taken. After each meeting, they are typed up and available for anyone to read on the notice board, just outside of Courage Class. We use this to let everyone know what we have been working on.

As Council representatives, we are the eyes, ears and voice for our classes. We ask questions and listen to everyone’s views about our school. We take this information back to our meetings for discussion so that we can all help Chirton school to keep improving. An example of our school council in action is the introduction of ‘Big Heart Helpers’ in the playground.

We have stalls to raise money at school events like the Autumn Fair. We run whole school competitions and find new and interesting ways to support the school.


They are as follows:

Chair -Lewis, Secretary – Alister and Treasurer/Finance Officer – Sam. All other members are Class Representatives.

We are proud to be part of Chirton ‘Big Heart’ School Council.

The School Council and Mrs. Camacho