Chirton Primary


We believe that Reading is an essential life skill and is therefore at the very heart of our curriculum.  

The intent of our carefully sequenced Reading curriculum is for children to move on from Chirton:

  • Having acquired the skills to be able to read at an age appropriate level, developing a wide bank of vocabulary in the process.
  • Exposed to a wide variety of literature and have developed a love of reading.
  • As confident and articulate speakers who read aloud with clarity and expression.
  • Remaining passionate about reading and writing having been inspired to develop the power of imagination.
  • Talented in their application of their age appropriate spelling, punctuation and grammar

Through our values based approach, we achieve our aims alongside the support and Christian foundations from which our school is built upon. Every member of the school community is supported with no child being left behind. 

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Reading for Pleasure

Reading Ambassador priorities 2022-23: We pride ourselves on have a strong reading culture with the children at the heart of it. The introduction of Reading Ambassadors to help promote reading for pleasure across the school has been very positive as they help to lead many new and exciting initiatives during the school year. As a group, they have discussed their top priorities for the year:

1. Lead reading sessions

2. Create an engaging space within the library

3. Encourage others to read through events and challenges

4. Promote reading through recommendations and newsletter articles

5. Be involved in purchasing new books

Reading for Pleasure: We are delighted to continue on our drive to increase reading for pleasure and support children in finding and developing their love of reading through the opening of our new provision- our brand new library! This undoubtedly have a positive impact upon attitude, well-bring, academic outcomes and improved literacy. As the beating heart of our school, this space will enhance our provision across the school, including pre-school.

Reading For Pleasure

'Step into a Story' Challenge

Research has found many children have a dip in their reading over the summer terms and into the holidays; which is exactly why we are launching our exciting new reading challenge this term called ‘Step into a story’. We have created our own list of recommended reading books for each year group including favourites from staff and children. Your challenge is, to read each book on your reading list before you finish that school year. There will be a certificate and small prize for those completing the list. This is a soft launch, ready for us to begin in full in September when we start our new year groups. Many books can be found in our school library which can currently be read in school (watch this space for developments on taking these wonderful books home) or you can visit the local library and book shops. 

'Step into a Story' Reading Challenge Book List  

Reading for Pleasure Timetable: A yearly timetable of events have been planned whereby all families are invited to come together and share the love of reading and books. Through the inclusion of all families and children, a series of 'Library Cafe' events will run in each term that promote a different theme and therefore a genre of books and texts. As well as these key events, a series of initiatives are planned alongside.  


Café book chat



Term 1


Theme- No theme



Launch book swap 

Author visit (virtual)

Author visit (in person- Marl Lit fest)

Launch ‘Readers in Residence’

Term 2

Theme- Crime


Date: Thursday 24th Nov

Re-launch virtual library


Term 3

Theme- Cooking/ Food


Date: Friday 27th Jan

Book buddies- Y6/EYFS

Reading competition


Term 4

World Book Day

World Book Day


Author visit (Virtual)

Term 5

Theme- Natural History


Date: Tuesday 23rd May

 Book buddies- Y5/Pre-school

Term 6

Theme- Children’s choice


Date: Thursday 29th June

Story Trail