Chirton Primary

Maths Curriculum Intent

The intent of our carefully sequenced maths curriculum is for children to move on from Chirton:

  • Having an appreciation of number and its importance in everyday life.
  • Enthusiastic about their learning and keen to share their ideas.
  • Able to articulate their understanding using mathematical vocabulary
  • Recalling key number facts and applying these to derive new knowledge
  • Trusting their own abilities to problem solve and applying their acquired skills to a range of situations.

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Further Information


The ability to recall facts quickly is an essential part of mathematics as it helps pupils to think faster and more clearly consequently giving them the energy, attention and focus to tackle complex problem solving and reasoning questions. With this in mind, we feel there are a range of essential ‘quick recall’ facts that children should embed as they progress through the school, initially beginning with number bonds and then moving on to times tables. Our unique ‘Diamond Club’ is they system that we use to help children develop automaticity with these key facts.

Diamond Club

Years 1 to 6 all take part in a range of strategies to learn key facts, including Diamond Club where children are given 5 minutes to answer their set of questions. Children initially begin with 10 questions (acorn level) and once they complete all three days of challenges with full marks they move on to 20 questions (sapling level) then finally 30 questions (oak level). Children move through the levels and the clubs at their own pace but will move to the next club at the beginning of a new term to ensure that they have the opportunity to access most of the Diamond Club across the year. For example, all children will begin Term 1 on Paper Club and then move onto Tin Club in Term 2. Children who find it challenging to embed or recall these key facts will be given additional support which is often in the form of a small intervention group or additional practice opportunities.  Below we have included the documents that outline the number facts and skills that are included in each year group. If you would like any further details about Diamond Club please just speak to your child’s class teacher.

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