Chirton Primary


Welcome to the 'Class of Hope!'

I am Mrs Gregory and Hope is what we are about. Hopeful and determined to ensure all children develop and thrive as they begin their school journey.

During their time in Hope Class, children have extended opportunities to learn through play within a nurturing and safe environment. Learning takes place both inside and outside of our lovely classroom, with opportunities that allow the children to grow, develop and challenge themselves. We are fortunate, to have a lovely outdoor setting and access to forest school activities which further enhance our curriculum.
​Through a mixture of carefully planned adult led focus activities and more spontaneous child led activities the children develop skills and understanding in the 7 areas of learning that make up the Early Years Framework. Phonics plays an integral part of our curriculum as we teach children to read and write.

Children in early years also learn a lot through enquiry and questions. Therefore our topics throughout the year will be based on their own interests and introduce them to new experiences; learning about others and the world around them.

We begin the year with a focus on ‘Ourselves and what makes us special? The emphasis being on settling the children into school, establishing routines and finding out about those who help us. We are supporting them to become independent and form good friendships.

 In Term 2 we learn that there are many special events that occur throughout the year. ‘As artists, we explore how people celebrate different festivals with a nativity held at the end of Term 2.

 In Term 3 we go on a journey learning about places near and far and what it means to be an ‘explorer’. We then ask the question ‘What make a good pet? Finding out about different animals.

 In Term 4, we discover more about our own environment and how to look after it. As eco warriors our challenge is ‘how do we respect and look after the world around us? ‘

 In Term 5 we continue to apply what we have learnt in Term 4, by looking more closely at the animals and plants that we may find in our own local habitats.

 Finally in Term 6, we support the children to become ‘go getters’, looking at what and how things move and preparing them to move onto year 1.

 Each term, a letter with an overview of what we are learning about is sent out to all parents / carers. Throughout the year we are always exploring and observing how seasons change around us and celebrating the children’s achievements. We share these through a platform called Tapestry and hope parents will do the same.  

As always, thank you for your continued support.

Best wishes,

Mrs D Gregory, Miss C Harris and the children of Hope Class