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Year 1 Spring Term Phonics

Faith Class Spring Term Spelling Stars

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Courage Class Badger Spellings

Courage Class Hedgehog Spellings

Talk for Writing

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SCIENCE - Joy Class

Garden Plants

I Spy Plants

HISTORY - Joy Class

Lesson 1

Activity Sheet

Lesson 2

Activity Sheet

Lesson 3

Activity Sheet

Hospitals now and then worksheet

Mary Seacole Board Game

Mary Seacole Board Game Instructions

Lesson 4

Activity Sheet

Activity Sheet

Lesson 5

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Activity Sheet

Lesson 6

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Activity Sheet

Nurturing Nurses

  RE June 20

Courage Class RE

Courage Class RE - The Noble 8 Fold Path

Faith Class RE

Faith Class - The Eightfold Path

Faith Class - The Story of Buddha

Joy Class RE

Joy Class - Buddhist Symbols

Joy Class - Prayer Flags

Joy Class - Prayer Flags Fact File

The Eightfold Path PowerPoint

The Story of the Buddha PowerPoint

Lesson 2 Buddhas Life PowerPoint

Joy Class Buddism

Joy Class Buddhism Activities

Joy Class Introduction to Buddhism

Introduction to Buddhism PowerPoint

Joy Class Buddhism Activity PowerPoint

 Diamond Club - Bronze Acorn

Courage Class Bronze Acorn

Y1 Bronze Acorn

Y 2 Bronze Acorn

Y 3 Bronze Acorn

Y4 Bronze Acorn

Diamond Club - Bronze Sapling

Y1 Bronze Sapling

Y2 Bronze Sapling

Y3 Bronze Sapling

Y4 Bronze Sapling

Courage Class Bronze Sapling

Courage Class Bronze Sapling Answers

Diamond Club - Oak

Y1 Bronze Oak

Y2 Bronze Oak

Y3 Bronze Oak

Y4 Bronze Oak

Courage Class Bronze Oak

Courage Class Bronze Oak Answers

Diamond Club - Silver Acorn

Y1 Silver Acorn

Y2 Silver Acorn

Y3 Silver Acorn

Y4 Silver Acorn

Courage Class Silver Acorn

Courage Class Silver Acorn Answers

Diamond Club - Silver Sapling

Y1 Silver Sapling

Y2 Silver Sapling

Y3 Silver Sapling

Y4 Silver Sapling

Courage Class - Silver Sapling

Courage Class - Silver Sapling Answers

Diamond Club - Silver Oak

Courage Class - Silver Oak

Y1 Silver Oak

Y2 Silver Oak

Y3 Silver Oak

Y4 Silver Oak

Forest School

Term 5 Forest School Activities

Forest School Resources

Build a Birds Nest

Butterfly Feeder

Cookie Cutter Bird Feeders

Frog Pond

Hedgehog House

Ladybird House

Simple Birdseed Feeder

 Beetle Spotter

Bird Hunt

Blossom and Flower Spotting

Colour Bingo

Creepy Crawly Hunt

Eggbox Scavenger Hunt

Elf and Fairy Hunt

First Signs of Spring

Garden Birds Spotter

Leaf Spotter

Spring Fungi Spotter

Spring Scavenger Hunt

Spring Spotter

Twig Spotter