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Forest School

 The intent of our carefully sequenced Forest School curriculum is for children to move on from Chirton:

  • Having learned a set of life long, practical skills from pre-school to Year 6
  • Environmentally aware through weekly sessions
  • All learners have the opportunity for child-led learning with small achieveable tasks
  • Resilient, resourceful, responsible, respectful, reflective and with excellent relationship skills
  • Taking with them practical knowledge of curriculum

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Forest School learning is a very special part of what we do at Chirton School.

We are fortunate to have a dedicated woodland at our disposal, thanks to the generosity of a local land owner. Our children therefore have the opportunity to experience this very practical way of learning throughout their journey with us. With experienced, qualified teachers at the helm, forest school provision is carefully interwoven into classroom learning, supporting and extending indoor learning in a woodland setting. No two sessions are the same and children lead their own learning wherever possible, with the guidance of the high ration of adults to children. We cover every aspect of the curriculum in the woods, but a lot else too; from toasting marshmallows, to whittling sticks, from hugging trees, to sitting quietly on our Reflection Island. The opportunity to take learning outside is very powerful, and we love it!

We are always looking for volunteers to support this provision, so please do get in touch if you are able to help.

Forest School

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