Chirton Primary

Our Chirton School Vision


We are the ‘little school with the big heart’ and with God by our side, we love, learn and flourish together, as ‘Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.’ Matthew 6:21

The treasure is the change that happens in us and what we want to see in the world, leading us to be the best we can be. Our treasures are our school values, 6Rs, our curriculum and the journey of growth we are all on together in God’s wonderful world.

Here in God’s Love: We embrace learning with happy hearts and show compassion to each other.

Embracing Equality: We respect all living things. We treat others, as we would wish to be treated.

All in Friendship: We encourage and support each other. Celebrating everyone’s journey towards reaching for our best.

Ready to Forgive: We aspire to be gentle peacemakers, following in Jesus’ footsteps.

Together in Trust: We confidently explore our wonderful world, and see our mistakes as steps towards new understanding.