Chirton Primary

English Curriculum Intent

We believe that English is at the heart of our curriculum. A subject that not only stands alone but one that should be an integral part of all learning. 

The intent of our carefully sequenced English curriculum is for children to move on from Chirton:

  • Having acquired the skills to be able to read at an age appropriate level, developing a wide bank of vocabulary in the process.
  • Exposed to a wide variety of literature and have developed a love of reading.
  • As confident and articulate speakers who read aloud with clarity and expression.
  • Remaining passionate about reading and writing having been inspired to develop the power of imagination.
  • Talented in their application of their age appropriate spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Through our values based approach, we achieve our aims alongside the support and Christian foundations from which our school is built upon. Every member of the school community is supported with no child being left behind. 

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Further information:

Tapestry: In EYFS, we use Tapestry to communicate a child's learning journey. Families are encouraged to share examples of work from home which the teacher can celebrate with them back in school.  

Progress: It is important that parents are informed of their child's progress and this is done at Parents’ Evenings, with an annual report sent out in the Spring/ Summer Term. Any additional communication occurs throughout the year when needed which helps parents and teachers best support the child, putting the needs of the child first so swift action can take place. 

Support: Any child that is in need of extra support is swiftly identified through assessment and classroom practice. Pupil's may have an IEP (Individual Education Plan) with clear achievable targets, form part of an intervention group/ 1:1 sessions with TA or work alongside the SENCO or other professionals from inside or outside of the school. Pupil progress meetings at the end of each term and ongoing data on Insight help to track progress and ensure that no child is left behind. 

Pupil Premium: All pupil premium children have access to the full curriculum and are supported within the classrooms alongside quality first teaching. Intervention groups (which include AGaT) are timetabled as required and are fully supported and planned by the teacher and adult supporting the sessions eg. TA or SENCO.