Chirton Primary


At Chirton we promote a set of positive values and attitudes that contribute to a shared ethos towards life and learning.

Known as the 6Rs, they encompass:


e.g. collaborative learning; effective communication, ability to understand and follow class and school rules


e.g. ability to apply knowledge and skills in new situations; willingness to learn from mistakes and take risks; ability to revise planning and review own learning


e.g. effort, perseverance and ability to complete tasks; ability to work with energy and enthusiasm, even when the learning is challenging; demonstration of good levels of concentration


e.g. independent learning; ability to problem solve and think creatively; sense of enquiry


e.g. taking care in presentation of learning; demonstrating politeness and good manners; respecting the views of other people, cultures and beliefs


e.g. working on personal targets and learning at home; striving for personal best.

At the end of every term 6 children from across the school are invited to attend Afternoon Tea with the Headteacher for their consistent use of the 6R’s in and around school.